Chief Editor

Dr. Varghese Palathingal

Managing Editor

Dr. Goerge Thekkekara

Editorial Board
Archbishop Mathew Moolakkatt OSB
Bishop Sebastian Vaniyapurackal
Dr. Thomas Adoppillil
Dr. Joseph Varanath
Dr. James Thalachelloor
Dr. Sunny Kokkaravalayil, sj
Dr. Joy George Mangalathil
Dr. Roy Joseph Kaduppil
Adv. K. C. George.

Eastern Legal Thought is a Journal published annually by the Institute of Eastern Canon Law, Paurastya Vidyapitham, Vadavathoor, Kottayam.

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Editorial Download
Certain Questions which Require Clarification for a Correct Understanding Sunny Kokkaravalayil sj Download
Protection of the Minors and a Vademecum of the Church to apply for the Procedural Norms Michael Vattappalam Download
Abuses Against the Sanctity of Eucharistic Discipline Sebastian Muttamthotty MCBS Download
The Pamphilian Jurisprudence’s Influence on Eastern Ecclesial Self-Governance Andrij M. Hlabse sj Download
The Vow of Poverty and the Holding of Property: A Canonical-Civil Appraisal Roy Joseph Kaduppil Download
The New Epoch Of Information Technology: E-Commerce, E-Contracts And Consumer Protection In The Indian Context George Thekkekara Download
Synod of Diamper as a Juridical Source of the Syro-Malabar Church Varghese Palathingal Download
Address to the Roman Rota for the Inauguration of the Judicial Year (29 January 2021) Pope Francis Download
Motu Proprio Ab Initio with Amendment of CCEO cc. 435 §1 and c. 506 §1 Download
Sentence Coram Antonio Stankiewicz, 18 June 2008 Error Determining the Will (CCEO c. 822; CIC c. 1099) Download
Szabó, Péter, Editor. Primacy and Synodality. Proceedings of the 23rd Congress of the Society for the Law of the Eastern Churches, Athense 2019 (John D. Faris) Download
John D. Faris - Jobe Abbass, (Editors), A Practical Commentary to the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches, I-II, Montreal, 2019 (Loda Natale) Download
Joy George Mangalathil (ed.), The All-India Jurisdiction of the Syro Malabar Church, Kottayam, 2019 (Kurian Thamarassery) Download
Duggan, Anne J., Popes, Bishops and the Progress of Canon Law, c. 1120-1234, edited and with an introduction by Travis R. Baker, Turnhout,Brepols, 2020 (Sunny Kokkaravalayil sj) Download
Jose Marattil, Reverential Fear as a Ground of Marriage Nullity in the Indian Cultural Context, Bengaluru, 2020 (Varghese Palathingal) Download