Considering The Importance Of Specialized Studies In Eastern Canon Law In The Local Ecclesial Context And The Increasing Need To Have Trained Personnel In Eparchial Tribunals And Institutes Of Consecrated Life And Societies Of Apostolic Life, As Well As Taking Into Account The Nature Of Paurastya Vidyāpīṭham As An Oriental Institute Under The Authority Of The Syro-Malabar Major Archbishop And The Synod, The Institute Of Eastern Canon Law Was Erected By The Congregation For Catholic Education On 12 December 2016. On The Same Date The Congregation Also Approved Its Statutes And Aggregated It To The Faculty Of Oriental Canon Law Of The Pontifical Oriental Institute, Rome. These Statutes Seek To Maintain The Specific Character Of The Institute While Remaining An Integral Part Of The Paurastya Vidyāpīṭham, Kottayam. Therefore, The Statutes As Well As The Bye-Laws Of The Paurastya Vidyāpīṭham Are Applicable Also To The Institute Of Eastern Canon Law Except As Specified In Its Statutes.