A good library is an essential prerequisite for the easy and ready availability of books. Quite befitting the needs and aspirations of the institution, a library was established here in 1962, along with the erection of the seminary. Within a short span of 52 years, it has added a collection of 82000 volumes, apart from a large collection of pamphlets, manuscripts, and micro-forms. Besides, the library subscribes to 400 periodicals, good many of them are International. The thrust is given to periodicals treating theological, philosophical, psychological, and sociological themes. The old periodicals are bound and kept in a separate section in the library. For the benefit of the students, the important articles are indexed and made accessible through the general index catalogue. We also subscribe to the leading dailies both in Malayalam and English.
The main areas of interest of this library are Christianity in general – especially, biblical and theological subjects, philosophy – both Western and Indian. Other fields of knowledge are neglected. There are numerous books on history and social sciences, comparative religions, science and technology, art and architecture and language and literature. There is also a separate section for Malayalam language and literature.
A good number of books in this library are in English. There are also books in Malayalam, German, French, Italian, and Latin. An exclusive collection of rare and precious Syriac texts and manuscripts is the uniqueness of this library.
The library has three main sections – lending section, reference section, and reading rooms. The lending section is open on all working days from 8.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Our reference library has two sections – one for the general use of the staff and students, consisting mainly of general and subject-wise encyclopedias, Patristic literature and Indology. The other is a special section, dealing with Eastern Theology. Periodicals and dailies are made available through the reading room.
The library is primarily meant for the staff and students of the seminary and the Paurastya Vidyapitham. However, it is also open to research students from outside for reference.
All the materials in the library are scientifically classified and cataloged according to the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC).
The micro-library consists of microforms of several books and manuscripts including eleven Syriac manuscripts from the various European libraries. It has several volumes on microfiche too. In addition there are photocopies of several manuscripts from different European University libraries. There are also manuscripts on palm – leaves.
The scrap books section provides up-to-date information on important current topics. It consists of newspaper cuttings, systematically arranged in booklet form, and classified according to their themes. The editorials of newspapers are also bound and kept.
Keeping pace with the advancing technology and communication media, we have successfully completed the computerization our library. With special software developed for the library. This is also a digital section added to the library.