Fr. Dr. Andrews Mekkattukunnel

President Paurastya Vidyapitham

Area of Specialization: Biblical Theology

Contact: +91 9447112104,

Education Summary
  • Bachelor B A (Philosophy Kerala University 1985)
  • BPh (Paurastya Vidyapitham 1985)
  • BTh (Paurastya Vidyapitham 1989)
  • Licentiate Sacred Scripture (Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome 1997)
  • Doctorate Biblical Theology (Gregorian University, Rome 2000)
Teaching assignments
  • Paurastya Vidyapitham, Kottayam, India from May 2001 onwards, New Testament and Greek language
Visiting Faculty
  • Malankara Major Seminary, Trivandrum, India (2003)
  • Good Shepherd Major Seminary, Kunnoth, India (2006)
  • Ruhalaya Theological Seminary, Ujjain, India (2008 onwards)
  • Marthoma Vidya Nikethan, Changanacherry, India (2001 onwards)
  • Missionary Orientation Centre, Manganam, Kottayam, India (2001 onwards)
  • Cana, Institute of Marriage and Family Studies, Thuruthy, India (2000 onwards)
  • Danahalya, Punnapra; Alleppey, India (2003 onwards)
  • Bethainia Theological institute, Palai, India (2001 onwards)
Pastoral and administrative assignments
  • Assistant Parish priest: St Mary’s Lalam, Palai, India (1990)
  • Assistant Director, Catechetical Department, Diocese of Palai, India (1991)
  • Parish priest: Edappady, Bharanganam, Palai, India (2001)
  • Registrar Paurastya Vidyapitham, Kottayam, India(2005 onwards)
  • Director, OIRSI Publications, Kottayam, India (2008 onwards)
  • President, Paurastya Vidyapitham (10 March 2017-)
1. The Priestly Blessing of the Risen Christ (Peter Lang, Frankfurt 2000)
2. Vacanathil Ninnu Pravruthiyilekk. Commentary on the Epistle of St James (OIRSI, Kottayam 2003)
3. Karthavaruliya Kalpanapol. Holy Qurabana in Chrstian Life (OIRSI, Kottayam 2003)
4. Ente Chiakin Keezhil. Themes in the Gospel of Luke (Vadavathoor Seminary, Kottayam 2004)
5. Satyamayum Ee Manushyan Deivaputhranayirunnu. Commentary on the Gospel of Mark (St Pauls, Ernakulam 2006)
6. Bible vijnanakosam by Matthew Vellanickal, Revised Edition, Executive Editor (OIRSI, Kottayam 2007)
7. Deiva Vacanam. Roohayude Symphony (OIRSI, Kottayam 2008)
8. Prthyasayude Choondupalakal. Beatitudes Explained (OIRSI Kottayam 2008)
9. Paulose Sleeha (OIRSI, Kottayam 2009)
10. Lamb of God. Essays in Johannine Theology, Editor (OIRSI, Kottayam 2010)
11. Icon (OIRSI, Kottayam 2010)
12. Fr. Placid J Podipara, Co-author (Changanacherry 2010)
13. Bible Bhashyam, Chief Editor, 2004 onwards
14. Christian Orient, Section Editor 2002 onwards.
1. St Thomas: Our Father in Faith and Model in Life,” Santhome Mission, Journal of MST 8,2(2001) 5-8.
2. “Walking in the Way of the Lord: A Study of the Ethics of Synoptic Gospels,” Jeevadhara 32, 192(2002)499-508.
3. “Truth that Liberated,” Vijnanadipthi A Journal of Philosophical Theological Reflection (2002) 111-121.
4. “As the Father has Sent Me,” Santhome Mission, Journal of MST 9,3(2002) 5-8.
5. “The Word of God in Tradition and Scripture,” Bible Bhashyam 31,4 (2005) 298-316.
6. “Liberated to Worship,” Thomas Mannooramparambil (ed.), Theological Dimensions of Christian Orient (Kottayam 2005) 182-186.
7. “Love of God in the Gospel of Luke,” Francis Kodiyan (ed.), The Eucharist. An Antidote to Death Culture (Thamarasserry 2007) 165-175.
8. “The Biblical Meaning of Blessings,” Urha. The Way. A Journal of Theology 2,1 (2007) 24-37.
9. “You are the light of the World: The Concept of Mission in the Gospel according to Matthew,” Aikya Samiksha 3,1 (2006) 45-54.
10. “Faith Story in the Syro-Malabar Church,” Kristu Jyothi 23,2-3 (2007) 124-131.
11. “The Hermeneutics of the Risen Lord,” Bible Bhashyam 33,3 (2007) 101-102.
12. “In Holiness and Honour: Pauline Concept of Husband-Wife Relationship,” Indian Journal of Family Studies 7,1 (2009) 33-39.
13. “Paraclete: The Exegete of the Son of God,” Andrews Mekkattukunnel, ed., The Lamb of God: . Essays in Johannine Theology, Editor (OIRSI, Kottayam 2010) 26-274.
Seminars attended (National and International)
1. The Word of God in Tradition and Scripture,” Theological Symposium at PVP, Kottayam, India on 17-18,.11. 2005 to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Promulgation of Dei Verbum.
2. “The Biblical Meaning of the Blessings,” in the Seminar on Sacraments in the Syro-Malabar Church, LRC, Mount St Thomas, Kakkanad, India on 13-14.06.2006.
3. “Plurality of Churches in the Acts of the Apostles,” in IIET Seminar on Challenges of Ecclesial Pluralism Today, SEERI, Kottayam, India on 13-14.07.2006.
4. “The Apostolic Spirituality of the Syro-Malabar Church,” in the Seminar on the Spirituality of the Syro-Malabar Church, LRC, Kakkaanad, India on 17.07.2007.
5. Participated in the International Congress on “Sacred Scripture in the Life of the Church” held in Rome on September 14-18, 2005 on the Occasion of the 40th Anniversary of the Promulgation of Dei Verbum.
Areas of Interest
Scriptural studies and Syriac heritage