Prof. Pauli Maniyatt

Registrar, Paurastya Vidyapitham

Area of Specialization: Liturgy

Contact : +91 947959808,

Ecclesiastical Studies
  • Licentiate, Oriental Sciences with specialization in Liturgy
  • Doctorate, Oriental Liturgy
  • Title of the Dissertation: Heaven on Earth: The Theology of Liturgical Space-time in East Syrian Qurbana
Offices held
  1. Asst. Parish Priest, St. Joseph Forane Church Marika (1987-1988)
  2. Asst. Parish Priest, Mother of Mercy Church, Nakapuzha (1988-1989)
  3. Asst. Director, Catechetical Text Book Publication, Pastoral Orientation Centre, Kochi (1989-1990)
  4. Dean of Studies, St. Ephrem Theological College, Satna (1996-2006)
  5. Chief Editor, Ephrem Theological Journal, Satna (1997-2006)
  6. Board Member, Liturgical Research Centre, Mount St. Thomas, Kakkanad, Kochi (2008-2014)
  7. Secretary, Syro-Malabar Major Archiepiscopal Commission of Liturgy (2010-)
  8. Registrar, Paurastya Vidyapitham (2014-)
Teaching experience
  1. Resident Professor, St. Ephrem’s Theological College, Satna, M.P. (1996-2006)
  2. Resident Professor, Paurastyavidyapitham, Vadavathoor (2008-
  3. Visiting Professor, Jnanadeepa Vidyapeeth, Pune (1998-
  4. Visiting Professor, Ruhalaya Major Seminary, Ujjain, M.P. (1997-2006)
  5. Visiting Professor, Sanathana Major Seminary, Thamarassery, Kozhikode. (2000-2010)
  6. Visiting Professor, Good Shepherd Major Seminary, Kunnoth, Thalassery (2006-2010)
  7. Visiting Professor, St. Mary’s Malankara Major Seminary, Trivandrum (2004)
Details regarding publications
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Areas of Interest
Liturgical studies