Fr. Dr. Kaduppil Roy

Area of Specialization: Canon Law

Contact : +91 9447208289,

  • Bachelor of Philosophy;
  • Licentiate in Canon Law and Doctorate in Oriental Canon Law,
  • Ecclesiastical Jurisprudence
  • Bachelor of Arts (Univeristy of Kerala),
  • LLB (Gulbarga University, Karnataka)
  • Conducted Marriage Preparation Courses and took classes on canonical aspects of marriage during the period 2003-2011.
  • Visiting faculty at PVP from 2011-
  • Assistant Parish Priest, St. Joseph Church, Koodalloor, Palai (1992-1994)
  • Assistant Vice-Postulator, Cause of St. Alphonsa, Bharananganam (1994)
  • Secretary to Bishop Mar Joseph Pallikaparampi! (1994-1996)
  • Eparchial Judge, Eparchy of Palai (2002- 2003)
  • Finance Officer, Diocese of Chicago, USA (2005-2007)
  • Chancellor and Secretary to the Bishop, Diocese of Chicago, USA (2003-2011)
  • Judicial Vicar, Diocese of Chicago, USA (2003-2011)
  • Parish Priest, St. Thomas Church Monippally (2011-)
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