The PVP is an autonomous Institute having the right to confer academic degrees, by the authority of the Holy See, in various subjects which have canonical validity. Its functioning is ordered in accordance with the norms of the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches (cc. 646-650), the directives laid down in Veritatis Gaudium and the Norms and Application of the same Apostolic Constitution, and taking into account the varying local conditions and university system in the region. The Institute functions to confer the Baccalaureate in Philosophy (First Cycle) without being affiliated to any Faculty (Circular letter Prot. N. 819/2019; 912/2020, sent to the Chancellor of PVP on 30 March 2021; 12 December 2022). In academic matters, the directives of the Dicastery for Culture and Education issued from time to time will be followed.


The purposes of the Institute are:

  • to promote and cultivate through scientific research, the patrimony of Christian wisdom both East and West with special emphasis on Aristotelean-Thomistic traditions as well as Asian cultural resources;
  • to train the students of the First Cycle to a solid and coherent synthesis of doctrine, examine and judge the different systems of Philosophy, and to a personal philosophical reflection (VG Norms of Application, article 64 § 2).
  • to empower the students in philosophical matterss, to investigate the philosophical problems according to scientific methodology, basing itself on a heritage of permanently valid Philosophy (VG article 81 § 1);
  • to foster inter-religious dialogue, particularly with the religions of India, by promoting the Christian culture (VG article 81 § 1).