The programme of studies of Philosophy at the PVP includes, three-year curriculum of studies as the ordinary undergraduate pathway leading to Baccalaureate in Philosophy and two-year curriculum of studies for students who have graduate and post-graduate degrees from the state recognized universities.

Baccalaureate in Philosophy

Diploma in Philosophy

The first cycle, basics, in which three years or six semesters of an organic exposition of the various parts of Philosophy is imparted which includes treating the world, man, and God. It also includes the history of Philosophy, together with an introduction to the method of scientific research (VG article 82). The three-year curriculum of studies has 180 credits, which are divided in three years or six semesters.

The two-year curriculum of studies has 140 credits of philosophical subjects and 40 credits of the university level accredited subjects which are obtained from Minor Seminaries of the Syro Malabar Church or from Higher Education Institutions recognized by local civil authorities (cf. Letter of the Congregation for Catholic Education, dated 25 June 2013, Prot. N. 198/2012). The university level accredited subjects are languages and the Psychology subjects.

  1. The Curriculum of Studies  approved by the Congregation for Catholic Education on 25 June 2013 (Prot. N. 198/2012).