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Division of Courses

In accordance with Veritatis Gaudium Art. 74, the curriculum of studies at PVP comprises of three successive Cycles at University level, as the following.
1. First Cycle – Institutional Course
2. Second Cycle – Specialization
3. Third Cycle – Doctoral Research

1. First Cycle

The First Cycle of studies consists of five/six years which is divided into two stages.

a. The first stage comprises of two/three years, during which the students will be given courses in languages (English and Malayalam), principal philosophical subjects and some initiation courses in Scripture, Liturgy and Spirituality. The possibility is given to the students at this stage to appear for the B.A. Philosophy examination at the Mahatma Gandhi University or Indira Gandhi National Open University.

b. The second stage comprises of three years. During this stage the students shall be given courses properly required for the Baccalaureate in Theology (B.Th).

c. Ministerial Year: A special diploma of the Ministerial Year is awarded to the students for the priesthood, who have completed the prescribed Pastoral Courses in addition to the three-year basic cycle of Theology (cfr New Norms on Affiliation, Aggregation and Incorporation, 8 December 2020, Article 29§2; VG 76§2).

Baccalaureate in Philosophy

Baccalaureate in Theology

2. Second Cycle

Those who attain the Baccalaureate in Theology can proceed to the courses for Licentiate in Theology (L.Th.) comprising of two years of studies according to the prescription of the ‘Norms of application’ of Veritatis gaudium Art. 55.2, and the programme conducted for the Licentiate in Eastern Canon Law.

Licentiate in Eastern Canon Law (Aggregated to Pontifical Oriental Institute, Rome)

Licentiate in General Eastern Theology

Licentiate in Biblical Theology

Licentiate in Syriac Theology

3. Third Cycle

The candidate for Doctorate, besides doing the courses prescribed, shall do research work on a theme approved by the Syndicate and prepare a dissertation under the direction of a professor approved for it by the Syndicate. The Doctor’s Degree can be conferred only after the publication, at least in part, of the doctoral dissertation.

Doctorate in Theology

Diploma Courses

Diploma in Ecclesiastical Tribunal Praxis

Diploma in Theology

Diploma in Philosophy

  • Diploma Courses
  • Certificate Courses

I Sacred Scripture

  1. Introduction to the Bible
  2. Pentateuch
  3. Historical Books
  4. Book of Psalms & Wisdom Literature
  5. Classical Prophets
  6. Synoptic Gosples
  7. Johannine Literature
  8. Acts of the Apostles
  9. Pauline Epistles
  10. Book of Revelation

II Systematic Theology

  1. Introduction to Theology
  2. Revelation and Faith
  3. Christology
  4. The Mystery of the Euchatist
  5. Theological Anthropology
  6. Eschatology
  7. Ecclesiolgy
  8. Ecumenism in the Indian Context
  9. Laity in the Church – Vat II
  10. Theology of Religions
  11. Missiology in India

III Liturgy

  1. Introduction to Liturgy
  2. Liturgy of the Hours
  3. Sacraments of Initiation
  4. Theology of Syro-Malabar Qurbana
  5. Sacraments of Healing
  6. Syro-Malabar Martimony
  7. Liturgical Year

IV Moral Theology

  1. Fundamental Moral Theology
  2. Marriage and Family
  3. Theology of Sexuality
  4. Catholic Bioethics
  5. Justice and Truthfulness
  6. Eco-Theology

V Fathers of the Church

  1. Syriac Fathers
  2. Greek Fathers
  3. Latin Fathers

VI Canon Law

  1. Hierarchy
  2. Marriage
  3. Particular Laws of the Syro Malabar

VII Church History and Oriental Sciences

  1. General & Indian Church History
  2. Oriental Churches
  3. Mar Thoma Margam
  4. Spirituality of The Eastern Fathers

1. Online Diploma Course on Theology.

2. Online Diploma Course on Theology in Diocese of Shamsabad.

3. Online Diploma Course on Theology in Diocese of Melbourne Australia).

4. Online Diploma Course on Theology in the Diocese of Chicago.

5. Online Diploma Course on New Testament in the Diocese of Chicago.

6. Certificate Course on Biblical Spirituality.

7. Certificate Course on Bible (for the Laity).

8. Diploma Course on Eucharistic Theology conducted by MCBS Provincilate, Kollad, Kottayam.

9. Diploma Course on Pastoral Theology for Consecrated persons and Lay people conducted by MCBS Provincialate, Kollad.

10. Certificate Course on Theology at Mar Sleeva Institute of Theology, Eparchy of Idukki.

11. Diploma in Theology conducted at Chaithanya Pastoral Centre Thellakom, Archeparchy of Kottayam.

12. Diploma Course in Christian Apologetics