One year/ two years


 The Pontifical Oriental Institute of Religious Studies (Paurastya Vidyapitham), Vadavathoor, Kottayam, India is conducting a Diploma Course in Theology in collaboration with the Department of Catechesis of various Syro Malabar Dioceses in India and abroad.This online correspondence course is intended to contribute to the Biblical, Liturgical, Theological, Patristics, Missiological and Catechetical formation of the People of God. The diploma program is completed over either two years (four semesters) or one year (two semesters). 

About the Course

Theology is a faith-seeking understanding of God, who has revealed Himself in space and time. It is the systematic and orderly reasoning of what one has received and experienced through faith. This course offers an introduction to Theology and its branches, an introduction to the various books in the Scripture, Christian morality, Sacraments and Holy Qurbana. 

This is a golden opportunity for the catechists, for sisters and lay people and youth associates.

Course Description

  1. Introduction to Theology 
  2. Introduction to Bible 
  3. Introduction to Liturgy 
  4. Introduction to Fathers of the Church 
  5. Introduction to Canon Law 
  6. Pentateuch 
  7. Psalms & Wisdom Literature 
  8. Classical Prophets 
  9. Synoptic Gospels 
  10. Johannine Literature 
  11. Pauline Epistles 
  12. Revelation & Faith 
  13. Christology 
  14. Eschatology 
  1. Ecclesiology 
  2. Laity in the Church 
  3. Liturgical Spirituality 
  4. Syro Malabar Qurbana 
  5. Sacraments in General 
  6. Fundamental
  7. Moral Theology 
  8. Marriage & Sexuality 
  9. Justice & Truthfulness 
  10. Church History 
  11. Syro Malabar Church &
  12. Mar Thoma Margam 
  13. Patrology
  14. Missiology

Admission Requirements

Minimum Academic Requirement: Higher Secondary Education 

Participants:  Catechists / Youth Associates Catechists / Youth Associates, Rev. Sisters and Lay people

*Limited seats available. 

Course Materials

The course materials prepared by the concerned resource persons of the Paurastya Vidyapitham will be posted on the online course platform. The candidates can contact the concerned resource person by phone or email for course-related enquiries. 

Course Assessment/ Evaluation

Assessments are done based on the assignments and online written examination, conducted towards the end of each month. The Eparchial Course Coordinator may grant exceptions to the candidates with genuine reason. After the monthly evaluation, the respective professors will submit the result to the candidate and the course coordinator. Questions will carry 50 marks, and a minimum of 40% of marks is required to pass in any subject. 

Course Certification

After completing the requirements and acquiring at least the minimum pass mark for each subject, the Paurastya Vidyapitham, Kottayam will issue the Certificate of Diploma in Theology. Those who have failed to acquire the required pass mark will be issued the Course Completion Certificate from the Pontifical Oriental Institute. 

Resource Persons

  1. Dr. Pauly Maniyattu 
  2. Dr. Abraham Palathinkal 
  3. Dr. Andrews Mekkattukunnel 
  4. Prof. Dr. P.C. Aniyankunju 
  5. Dr. Cyriac Valiyakunnumpurathu 
  6. Dr. Dominic Muriyankavunkal 
  7. Dr. Dominic Vechoor 
  8. Dr. Francis Pittappilly 
  9. Dr. Jacob Kizhakkeveedu 
  • Dr. James Thalachelloor 
  • Dr. Mathew Kochadampallil 
  • Dr. Scaria Kaniyakonil 
  • Dr. Sebastian Chalakkal 
  • Dr. Sebastian Kuttianickal 
  • Rev. Fr. Thomas Karintholil 
  • Dr. Thomas Kuzuppil 
  • Dr. Thomas Vadakkel 
  • Dr. Varghese Kochuparambil