General Orientation

The programme of formation at PVP aims at the development of fully integrated priestly personality, and therefore takes into account the human, spiritual, intellectual, pastoral and missionary dimensions of priestly formation. With this end in view the Programme of Studies co-ordinates the fields of Humanities, Philosophy, Theology, Bible and Eastern Christian Studies in such a way as to present the Mystery of Christ harmoniously to the students.


1. To cultivate and promote through scientific research the patrimony of Christian wisdom of both East and West with special emphasis on Biblical and Patristic traditions as well as with special reference to India and the heritage of the Church of the St. Thomas Christians.
2. To enunciate systematically the truths contained in the Biblical, Patristic, Liturgical and Spiritual traditions of the Eastern Ecclesiastical heritage and to present them to the people of the present day, in a manner adapted to the local cultural context.
3. To train its students to a level of high qualification in Sacred Sciences and allied subjects according to the Catholic doctrine, to prepare them properly to face their tasks in various fields of apostolate and to promote the continuing permanent education of the ministers of the Church (CCEO, c, 647 § 2).
4. To collaborate intensely and in close communion with the Hierarchy and with the Local and Universal Church, in the work of evangelization.
5. To promote harmonious co-existence and co-operation of the different sui iuris Churches giving the students the opportunity to study the traditions of the Churches other than that of the SyroMalabar Church.
6. To promote ecumenical studies and to investigate the traditions of the various Christian Churches, Eastern and Western, Catholic and non – Catholic, with special reference to the actual situation in India.
7. To foster inter-religious dialogue particularly with the religions
of India.