In a proud moment for Paurastya Vidyapitham, 11 students of the Licentiate in Biblical Theology course completed their thesis defence successfully. The thesis defence was conducted on 14 March 2023 with the students presenting their research and findings to a panel of experts.

The Licentiate in Biblical Theology is a rigorous program that requires students to delve deep into the history, literature, and theology of the Bible. The successful completion of the program is a significant achievement and a testament to the hard work and dedication of the students. Speaking on the occasion, the faculty of Paurastya Vidyapitham congratulated the students on their success and praised their commitment to academic excellence. They also thanked the panel of experts who evaluated the theses and provided valuable feedback to the students. The successful completion of the Licentiate in Biblical Theology is a major milestone in the academic journey of these students, and it opens up new avenues for them to pursue careers in teaching, research, or ministry. The faculty and administration of Paurastya Vidyapitham wish the students all the best for their future endeavors.

Licentiate in Biblical Theology is a department of the PG programme of PVP which consists of one propaedeutic year and two year courses. The students will have Principal courses (45 ECTS) and Auxiliary courses (24 ECTS). The Principal courses provide the OT and NT theology as well as the courses on Eastern Theology. The auxiliary courses have the characteristic of the Exegetical analysis of both OT and NT. The students have to do four OT exegeses and four NT exegeses. They also will have four optional courses (6 ECTS). Besides these courses the students will have to do the Biblical languages, Hebrew (20 ECTS) and Greek (20 ECTS) and Syriac (8 ECTS) in the propaedeutic year.

  1. Obligatory Principal Subjects (15×3=45 ECTS)
  2. Obligatory Auxiliary Subjects (8×3=24 ECTS)
  3. Additional Optional Subjects (4 x1.5 = 6 ECTS)
  4. Biblical Language Studies (50 ECTS)
  5. Obligatory Academic Requirements (15 ECTS)
  • A. Obligatory Principal Subjects
  • B. Obligatory Auxiliary Subjects
  • C. Additional Optional Subjects
  • D. Biblical Language Studies
  • E. Obligatory Academic Requirements
Serial NoCourse TitleSubjectsECTS
1OPS 2001Analysis of ‘Sermon on the Mount’3
2OPS 2002Theological Analysis of OT3
3OPS 2003St. Paul and Early Christian Community3
4OPS 2004Bible in Syriac Tradition3
5OPS 2005Introduction to Judaism3
6OPS 2006Ecclesiology of the Acts of the Apostles3
7OPS 2007Vision of Unity in Corpus Paulinum3
8OPS 2008Prophetic Literature3
9OPS 2009Unique Features of the Theology of Syro Malabar Qurbana3
10OPS 2010Ecclesiology of the Early Centuries3
11OPS 2011Difficult Texts in the Sacred Scripture3
12OPS 2012Exegetical Analysis of the Prologue of Luke3
13OPS 2013Methodology of Interpretation and Exegesis3
14OPS 2014Eschatological Doctrines of the Different Churches3
15OPS 2015Ephrem’s Philosophy of Theological Language3
Serial NoCourse TitleSubjectsECTS
1OAS 2051Servant Songs in the Book of Isaiah3
2OAS 2052Exegesis of Deut 10:12-11:323
3OAS 2053Exegesis on Prologue of St. John3
4OAS 2054Exegesis on 2Sam 7: 1-143
5OAS 2055Exegesis of Rom 5-83
6OAS 2056Exegesis on Passion Narrative in Synoptics3
7OAS 2057Exegesis of Psalms3
8OAS 2058Geography of the Biblical Land3
Serial NoCourse TitleSubjectsECTS
1AOS 2101Lucan Theology of the Way1.5
2AOS 2102Book of Job1.5
3AOS 2103Apocalyptic Writings1.5
4AOS 2104Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics1.5
5AOS 2105Eastern Approach to Moral Theology1.5
6AOS 2106Historical Analysis of the Sacred Scripture1.5
7AOS 2107Biblical Ethics1.5
Serial NoCourse TitleSubjectsECTS
1BLS 2151Elementary Greek10
2BLS 2152Advanced Greek and Syntax10
3BLS 2153Elementary Hebrew10
4BLS 2154Advanced Hebrew and Syntax10
5BLS 2155Biblical Aramaic/ Syriac10
Serial NoCourse TitleSubjectsECTS
1OAR 2201Dissertation9
2OAR 2202Seminar6