Program :

Baccalaureate in Theology

Semester :

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Teacher :

Kuzhuppil T.


The aim of this course is to familiarize life, works and theology of the Latin Fathers. This course begins with the discussion on the theological reflections of Tertullian of Carthage (d. Ca. 220). and ends with Gregory the Great (d. 604) and Isidore of Seville (d. 636). There is a description of the ecclesiological vision of Cyprian of Carthage. Following it. there is a discussion on the contributions of four great Latin Fathers: Ambrose. Jerome. Augustine and Gregory the Great. Trinitarian mystery explained by Novation and Hilary of Poitiers, writings of Ambrosiaster and Christology of Leo I. are other themes. We conclude with the description of western monastic developments: John Cassian. Rule of Augustine and Rule of Benedict.


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