ALS 053 East Syriac

Program : Program Baccalaureate in Theology Semester : Semester S3 Credits : Credits 3 Teacher : Teacher Rev. Fr Pittapillil Francis Aim To impart the basic knowledge of Syriac language.This is a course designed for the first and second semesters. Elementary Syriac, alphabet, vowels, pronunciation, morphology. Quöäyäand Rukdkhd.. orthographical specialties of vowels, nouns and adjectives, gender and number, case letters, pronouns, declension, verb, active and passive voice, conjugation of verbs, imperative and infinitive moods, particles, objective pronominal suffixes of verb, states of nouns and adjectives. numerals. Syntax. Translations. References Arayathinal T., Aramaic Grammar, vols. 3. Mannanam. 1957; Eberhard Nestle. Syriac Grammar. London. 1900; Noldeke T. Grammatik der Neusyischen Sprache. Leipzig. 1868. Faculty of Theology Institute of Philosophy Institute of Eastern…

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OBS 864 Sacraments in General

Program : Baccalaureate in Theology Semester : S2 Credits : 1.5 Teacher : Pittapillil F. Aim Aim of the Course is to understand the history and theology of sacraments in general. Scriptural and patristic studies together with the historical and theological implications will give the students a comprehensive vision of the theme. Separate studies on each sacrament will help for theologizing together with the Universal Church and the Malabar Church in particular. References Errol D’Lima and Thomas Paul. Urumpackal. Sacaments in General, (TPI. Bangalore. 2005). Macquarrie. lohn..! Guide to the Sacraments, (SCM. London. 1999). Faculty of Theology Institute of Philosophy Institute of Eastern Canon Law Courses Programs

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