The Faculty of Theology at PVP conducted a symposium on “Cyber Space: New Possibilities and Challenges” on 11 December 2023. Prominent speakers were:

Prof. G. Sabarinath (Asst. Professor, Department of Cyber Security, SJCET, Choondacherry on Artificial Intelligence: A Spectrum of Possibilities on the Cyber Highways

Mr. U. Sreejith (Inspector of Police, East Police Station, Kottayam on Cyber Space: Legal Aspects

Rev. Dr. Scaria Kanniyakonil (Rector, St. Thomas Apostolic Seminary, Vadavathoor) on Ethics of Artificial Intelligence: A Christian Perspective

Rev. Dr. Dominic Vechoor (Professor, Paurastya Vidyapitham) on For a Responsible and Joyful Use of Cyber Possibilities

Rev. Sr. Alphonsa Ezhacheril SH (M.Th Student, Paurastya Vidyapitham) on Making Use of Cyber Potentials for Evangelization Today

Bro. Akhil Thandiyakkal (B.Th Student, Paurastya Vidyapitham) on Digital Platforms for Nurturing and Enhancing Human Relationships