Program :

Baccalaureate in Theology

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Teacher :

Thekkekara G.


Aim of this course is to present the concept of marriage, cleric and laity on the basis of the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches and the particular law of the Syro-Malabar Church. The following themes are included in this course: Pastoral care and those things that must precede the celebration of marriage, diriment impediments in general, impediments specifically, mixed marriage, matrimonial consent, the form for the celebration of marriage, convalidation of marriage, simple convalidation. radical sanation, the separation of the spouses, dissolution of the bond, separation while the bond endures (Title xvi cc 776-866). Processes of the declaration of the nullity of marriage, the process for obtaining a dissolution of nonconsummated marriage and the dissolution of marriage in favour of the faith (Title xxvi cc. 1357-1384). The formation of clerics, the erection and governance of seminaries, formation for ministry, ascription of clerics to an eparchy, the right and obligations of clerics, the loss of the clerical state (Title x cc 328-356). Lay parsons (Title xi cc 399-409).