Program :

Baccalaureate in Theology

Semester :


Credits :


Teacher :

Kanayankal S.


This course aims to introduce students on Catholic moral theological approach to environmental issues. We deal with the following themes in this course: Environmental Crisis; Ecological Approaches; Eco- theology – Bible and Ecology. Fathers of the Church. Recent Documents on Environment; Eco Spirituality; Pastoral Programs.


  1. C.P Moule. Man and Nature in the New Testament (Phiadelphia: 1967).
  2. Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church; Edmund Marshall. “Jesus and the Environment: How Green is Christianity? Contemporary Theology Ethics 33/4 (1990).
  3. Sebastian Brock. “Humanity and the Natural world in the Syriac Tradition..” sobomost 12 (1990) 131-142.
  4. Stander. Hendrik F.. Church Fathers on Ecology. Acta patristica et byzantina, 11 (2000) p 167-176.