Program :

Baccalaureate in Philosophy

Semester :


Credits :


Teacher :

Dr Joseph Kaduppil


An introductory course for initiating the students to scientific research, study and to help them to write scientific papers. Method followed is lecture and assignments. The course includes: Different methods of study and ways to develop a personal strategy and study design; Different steps to prepare a scientific research paper: Finding, narrowing and focusing on a topic of research, discovering and evaluating the sources, ways to fix the right title of the research paper; developing the outline of a research paper; Collecting of materials for the paper: evaluating, grouping and documenting them; The art of writing a research paper: writing an introduction, developing the body of the paper, writing a conclusion. The research formatting and references of a research paper: The structure and typography, digital materials and citing online resources; Notes and Bibliography; Avoidance of unethical practices. The scientific method of reviewing a book.


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