Program :

Baccalaureate in Theology

Semester :


Credits :


Teacher :

Rev. Fr. Maniyattu P.


The important contents of this course are the following: Old Testament Phase of the History of Salvation in Qurbana; Liturgy of Word as the commemoration of the paschal mystery of Christ; Different levels of proclamation in the Liturgy of Word; “Accessus ad Altäre” as the celebration of entry into heaven; Theology of the Qudasa of Addai and Mari: Qudasa as commemoration of the Raza; Different levels of the Commemoration of paschal mystery in SM Qurbana; Qudasa as Qurbana; Eucharstic Qudasa as Qudasa of God and Qudasa of assembly; East Syrian Qurbana as celebration of the vertical and horizontal communion.


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