OLR 402 Syriac

Program : Licentiate in Eastern Canon Law Semester : S1, S2 Credits : 6 Teacher : MANIYATTU Pauly Contents Elementary Syriac. alphabet, vowels, pronunciation, morphology, Qusaya and Rukakha., orthographical specialties of vowels, nouns and adjectives, gender and number, case letters, pronouns, declension, verb, active and passive voice, conjugation of verbs, imperative and infinitive moods, particles, objective pronominal suffixes of verb, states of nouns and adjectives , numerals, Syntax, Translations. Faculty of Theology Institute of Philosophy Institute of Eastern Canon Law Courses Programs

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OSS 805 Syro-Malabar Holy Orders

Program : Baccalaureate in Theology Semester : S3 Credits : 3 Teacher : Rev. Fr. Maniyattu P. Aim This course is an introductory study on the holy orders in general and the order of priesthood in particular. The course deals with the common concepts of priesthood, the concept of nine Orders, the concepts of Ordination and Syameeda. basic Orders and ranks, permanence of Orders, ordained and instituted ministries, ministerial and common priesthood. East Syrian liturgy of priestly ordination. Syro-Malabar liturgy of Priestly Ordination. Diaconal ordination and the characteristics of the ministry of deacon. This course also deals with the theology of priesthood based on the East Syrian and Syro-Malabar liturgies of Syameeda. References Badger. G. P. The Nestorians and their…

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OSS 804 Syro-Malabar Matrimony

Program : Baccalaureate in Theology Semester : S3 Credits : 3 Teacher : Rev. Fr. Maniyattu P. Aim This course deals with the East Syrian concept of sacraments as ‘raze’; Sacraments are seen as the work of God. The first part of the studyon the marriage is on the East Syrian rite of marriage. The rites preceding the betrothal, the celebration of betrothal, the celebration of the wedding and the rites subsequent to the celebration of marriage are analyzed in this part. The second part deals with the specific elements in the Syro-Malabar Taksa of marriage. The course also gives a summary of the East Syrian theology of marriage References Fahey. M. A.. “Sacraments in the Eastern Churches”, in P.E.…

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OSS 803 Syro-Malabar Qurbana: Theology

Program : Baccalaureate in Theology Semester : S4 Credits : 3 Teacher : Rev. Fr. Maniyattu P. Aim The important contents of this course are the following: Old Testament Phase of the History of Salvation in Qurbana; Liturgy of Word as the commemoration of the paschal mystery of Christ; Different levels of proclamation in the Liturgy of Word; “Accessus ad Altäre” as the celebration of entry into heaven; Theology of the Qudasa of Addai and Mari: Qudasa as commemoration of the Raza; Different levels of the Commemoration of paschal mystery in SM Qurbana; Qudasa as Qurbana; Eucharstic Qudasa as Qudasa of God and Qudasa of assembly; East Syrian Qurbana as celebration of the vertical and horizontal communion. References Commentaries on…

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OSS 802 Syro-Malabar Qurbana: History and Structure

Program : Baccalaureate in Theology Semester : S3 Credits : 4.5 Teacher : Rev. Fr. Maniyattu P. Aim This course has two important parts. The first part deals with the history of the Qurbana of St. Thomas Christians before and after PortuguesePeriod and also with the restoration of Syro-Malabar Qurbana. The second part of the course consists of the study of the structure of the Qurbana. It deals also with the liturgical space in the East Syrian Tradition and the liturgical details of the seven important parts of SM Qurbana. References Vcllian. J.. Qurbana Oru Padanam. (Mal.) OIRSI. Kottayam 1980. Mannooramparampil. T., Syro-Malabar Qurbanayude Charitra Paschattalam (Mai.). OIRSI. Kottayam 1986. Mannooramparampil. T. Syro-Malabar Qurbana OruPadanam (Mai.). 2 Vols.. OIRSI. Kottayam…

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